First International Conference of Genomics in the Americas, Philadelphia, 2012

I haven’t been sure what to make of the BGI/ICG series of meetings thus far (see here and here), but at least the first foray into the Americas – The First International Conference of Genomics in the Americas, to be held September 27th to 28th 2012 in Philadelphia – looks to be interesting.  There is a good group of speakers lined up for this meeting, even though the BGI have rightfully taken some criticism for skewing the speaker list a little on the male-side of the genomics spectrum.  Registration is open now.

  • Rain

    Please it worth attending this conference? I am a student and for the first I am attending a conference to present my poster..How will it be beneficial for me as I will have to make a great effort for getting travel grants and other things being an outsider.

    • Thank you for reading my blog. I sincerely hope you find it useful. I’m not able to answer your question regarding this meeting, as it is the first time the meeting has been held. I have never attended one of the CGI sponsored meetings, so I don’t have an opinion on other meetings they have sponsored.

      In regards to your question I have posted some of my thoughts on why you should attend a scientific meeting. It may be difficult for you to travel so far so you want to plan as far ahead in advance as you can. I wish you luck in finding an appropriate meeting to attend!