Monthly Archives: March 2013

Black Forest Summer School on Bioinformatics for Molecular Biologists, September 2013


Here’s another course for the summer aimed at PhD students and early career molecular biologists on mastering the use of pre-existing bioinformatics tools.  The venue sounds amazing and it looks like the perfect place to learn or hone your existing bioinformatics skills.  Francis Martin will be giving the keynote lecture so there is more incentive to attend!

Just What Is A “Gleba”?

I’m in the process of organizing some of my old teaching materials and I have a few VHS tapes of clips of mycologically related videos for teaching about fungi. Since I don’t have a working VHS tape recorder — and don’t expect many departments to maintain one either — I’ve been trying to find some of the videos online. Here’s a short video clip that I usually show when teaching about the Gastromycetes. The students always remember what a gleba is for their exam.