The Hilliard Ensemble Sings Johannes Ockeghem’s Deo Gratias

A while back I wrote about a concert when I saw The Hilliard Ensemble perform with Jan Garbarek.  Here’s a video manipulation of a 36-layered performance of The Hilliard Ensemble singing Johannes Ockeghem’s Deo Gratias.  I saw this first on Root Blog, but you can find it also on the website of creator Rudi Knoops.

Television Identification Videos

For the last couple of years the blog Dispokino has held a monthly feature on Television Station Identification segments.  These short segments are ways that stations or programs would identify themselves or prepare those watching for the next program.  Dispokino has curated a great collection of these and I have selected a few of my favorites here:

Here’s one from Heinz Edelmann (who you’ll recognize from The Beatles’s Yellow Submarine) for German television station ZDF for use in the 70′s.

Henri Speaks Out On: L’Haunting

Boo! Happy Halloween!

Ambient Engine Noise (24 Hour Idle)

The Star Trek Enterprise’s ambient engine noise (24 Hour Idle) for your relaxation pleasure:

I Am A Genius (And There’s Nothing I Can Do About It)

French artist and film maker Arnaud Maguet – along with French group Hifiklub – have filmed a documentary about prolific lo-fi rock legend R. Stevie Moore.  The film is called I Am A Genius (And There’s Nothing I Can Do About It) and is subtitled “A Movie About Some Situations With R. Stevie Moore” and was filmed in Nashville, Tennessee.  More details see here and watch the film below.

Jim Henson & Raymond Scott’s Bufferin TV Commercial

Can’t believe this is online: I’ve been a pretty obsessive fan of Raymond Scott and Jim Henson‘s collaborations, but I’ve never seen this commercial before (just heard the sound on the Raymond Scott release Manhattan Research Inc.).  Scott & Henson collaborated on many projects in the late 1960′s.  This television commercial is from 1967.

Jim Henson provides the voice, Raymond Scott provides the sounds, and an actor played the lead (but you can see the out of sync voice over).

Ernest Borgnine Off The Bus

As a tribute to the great Ernest Borgnine: Jeff Krulik’s film Ernest Borgnine On The Bus.

Man Interviews His Twelve Year Old Self

Jeremiah McDonald talks to his 12 year old self:

The Rock-N-Roll Farmers

Watch this awesome mini-documentary about Donnie & Joe Emerson and for more information go here and here.  Got it?  Go!

36th Street Station Subway Stairs

Pleased to be your place for all the awesome viral videos…