Summer’s Fireflies

Summer may be officially over, but it’s still on my mind.  When I think about summer, I inadvertently think of fireflies.  This Japanese photographer, using slow shutter speeds, has captured the amazing beauty of the fireflies as they dance across Summer’s evening horizon. These photos were taken in various locations around Maniwa and Okayama Prefecture in Japan between 2008-2011.

Henri Speaks Out On: L’Haunting

Boo! Happy Halloween!


If you live in Belgium, this should be how you adopt a cat.

View From The Street

Jon Rafman, an artist from Montreal, has curated a series of images taken from Google Street View and placed them on his 9-Eyes website (9-Eyes being the number of cameras on the Google Street View Car).  I’m absolutely amazed at how the images he has selected accent the extraordinary nature of the everyday view from streets/roads.  I’ve gone through and pulled out 50 of my favorites and placed them here.

Man Interviews His Twelve Year Old Self

Jeremiah McDonald talks to his 12 year old self:

We Got Your Back, Frank Ocean

I dare you to read this and then read this and not feel touched.

The Rock-N-Roll Farmers

Watch this awesome mini-documentary about Donnie & Joe Emerson and for more information go here and here.  Got it?  Go!

Trapped By Busy

If you’re anything like me, you should read this and take note.  At least like I feel like I should take note, should I?

36th Street Station Subway Stairs

Pleased to be your place for all the awesome viral videos…

Thursday Afternoon

For your enjoyment on this fine thursday afternoon, here’s Brian Eno‘s video painting of Thursday Afternoon.  You’ll have to tilt your monitor for full effect.