Bon Iver Erotic Stories

I got a pretty good laugh from Bon Iver Erotic Stories.

Ruth Awasa: Wired

There’s a nice feature on the art of Ruth Awasa over at the blog MondoBlogo.  Check it out!

Getting Down With The Captain

With a bunch of Dick Clark (we’ll miss you) links resurfacing, this little gem came my way.  See everybody boogie to Beefheart in ’66!

There Are Other Worlds (They Have Not Told You Of)

Six Martian sunrises, as seen by the HiRISE orbiter.  Digitally processed photos sent through space.  Good Morning!

Napoleon Bonaparte

I love overhearing people’s conversations that take place in public.  The following overheard conversation is about as close to verbatim as can be.  I just typed this out as two older women are sitting at the table next to me at my local coffee shop:

Older Woman #1:  “This last weekend my granddaughter and I watched a movie about a guy named Napoleon.”

Older Woman #2:  “Oh, I do like documentaries.  Sometimes I watch them on the public television station.  I haven’t seen any movies about Napoleon Bonaparte.  Was this one any good?”

Older Woman #1: “I don’t think it was a very realistic documentary.  This Napoleon Bonaparte lived in North Dakota.”

Older Woman #2: “I’m pretty sure Napoleon Bonaparte lived in France.  I’m interested if the reason he invaded other countries was because he was overcompensating for being really short.”

Older Woman #1: “I think this Napoleon Bonaparte was really tall and had lots of red hair.”

Older Woman #2: “That doesn’t sound like Napoleon Bonaparte to me, but what do I know.  The movie must have at least talked about the relationship of Napoleon and Josephine?”

Older Woman #1: “I don’t really remember anyone named Josephine.  I just think the movie was about the relationship of Napoleon Bonaparte and some guy named Pedro.”

Older Woman #2: “Napoleon and a guy named Pedro?  That’s funny, I don’t think Napoleon Bonaparte was a homosexual.  I thought he was married to a woman named Josephine.  What kind of trash is your granddaughter making you watch?  Did she stop going to church?”

Older Woman #1: “I don’t think this movie was about homosexual people, but it had something to do with explosives.”

Older Woman #2: “Explosives?  You need to make sure your granddaughter goes to church!”

An Invocation For Beginnings

Ze Frank is back.  A kickstarter project helped him with the new ‘A Show’ website and weekly (bi- or tri-weekly?) online episodes building off his popular online performances and monologs contained on ‘The Show‘.  If you’re confused, that’ s alright, because I’m confused too.  Below is his first video, just in case you need a pep talk today:

22 Bonds For One Minute

22 Bonds For One Minute

Caine’s Arcade

Making a 9 year old boy’s dream come true…

Charles Gayle Is Streets The Clown

I’ve seen Charles Gayle perform numerous times in both solo and group settings.  He never ceases to amaze me as a performer.  He’s had an amazing life which he sometimes alludes to in lengthy spoken word monologues during his solo performances.  Charles Gayle can often be found busking in New York City under his “Streets The Clown” persona.

The Wire Magazine has a feature on him this month (April 2012).  You can also find an article from 1994 in the magazine’s archives about him and here’s a video of his street busking in New York.

Dustin Wong’s Dreams Say, View, Create, Shadow Leads

If I had to choose my favorite release of 2012 already, just a few months in, it would probably be Dustin Wong’s stellar Dreams Say, View, Create, Shadow Leads, on Thrill Jockey Records.  The album’s title gives a little hint to the inspiration of the music – dreams – and the continuous ebb and flow of the music only support the active dream like state induced by these tunes.  Dustin released an ambitious double CD debut Infinite Love in 2010 and was in the Baltimore-based band Ponytail.

If you’re not aware of Dustin Wong’s artistic approach – he is a master of taking bits of guitar, looping these sounds, and then layering these loops to construct songs.  This aesthetic, to me, brings to mind Steve Reich’s Electric Counterpoint played by Pat Metheny, but, more akin to ten recordings of Electric Counterpoint all played at once, layered, and slightly off center, but even more incredible sounding than you would imagine.  There’s only a minimal reliance of voice and percussion (…and I’m not convinced the percussion sounds aren’t his guitar anyway), so basically the record is all guitar all the time, but it doesn’t always sound that way.  I’m not complaining that it’s all guitar – It’s amazing.

If you haven’t heard Dustin Wong before, the following two videos will give you an idea of what his inventive audio is all about.  The first video is the last track from the new album and the second video is a live performance.