Favorite Science Blogs

MycorWeb Fungal Genomics – Francis Martin’s Blog

The Hyphal Tip – Jason Stajich’s Blog

The Tree Of Life – Jonathan Eisen’s Blog

Living In An Ivory Basement – C. Titus Brown’s Blog – “Stochastic Thoughts On Science, Testing, & Programming”

Parasite of the Day

Cornell Mushroom Blog

Cornell Plant Pathology PhotoLab

Curiosities of Biological Nomenclature

Squamules – Lichen Blog

The Shell and Mantle – Mollusk Blog

The Life You (And I) Never Knew – Entertaining Vertebrate Zoology Blog

Deep-Sea News – Marine and Aquatic-Life Blog edited by Kevin Zelnio

Download The Universe – The Science E-Book Review

Genomes Unzipped – public personal genomics

Homologus Blog – Frontiers in Transcriptomics

The Atavism

The Botanist In The Kitchen