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International Society for Human & Animal Mycology Meeting 2012

The 18th Congress of the International Society for Human and Animal Mycology (ISHAM 2012) will be held in Berlin, Germany, from June 11th to 15th, 2012.

The conference organizers have prepared a great selection of speakers in their program.  Check on their website for more information on the meeting.

7th Annual Joint Genome Institute Users Meeting 2012

Recently announced, the Joint Genome Institute – US Department of Energy is planning to have their annual meeting in Walnut Creek, California, during the dates of March 20th to 22nd.  Registration is now open.  This should be another great meeting and includes another impressive array of speakers.

Conference on the Progress of the “1000 Plant & Animal Reference Genomes Project”

The organizers of the “Second International Conference on the Progress of the “1000 Plant & Animal Reference Genomes Project” have again announced a call for abstracts for the meeting, which will be held from the 10th to 12th of July in Shenzhen, China.  I’ve noticed a large increase in the number of meetings in China (see here) and this meeting is also sponsored by the Beijing Genomics Institute (BGI).

As you can gather from the name, the “100 Plant and Animal Reference Genome Project” seeks to provide a total of 1000 plant and animal genomes for the use of researchers (For more information on the “1000 Plant and Animal Reference Genomes Project” see here).

This meeting seeks to increase the number of collaborators, particularly from a global perspective, to this project.  To register for this meeting see here, and stay connected to this meeting and the BGI by following them on Twitter (@BGI-Events).  You can even enter yourself in a drawing to win a gift (a soft-drink soda!) when you provide proof you have re-tweeted meeting notices from the BGI.  The meeting with have two sessions: one on the progress and prospects of the 1000 plant and animal reference genome project and another on new developments in sequencing and bioinformatics technology.  There will be five workshops: crop genomics and breeding, aquaculture genomics, vegetable and flower genomics, forest and fruit tree genomics, and rare animal genomics (I’m not really sure what “rare” means in this sense).

Beijing Genomics Institute’s International Conference on Genomics 6

Seems like there are a whole series of symposia right now proclaiming to be the international conference on genomics and I do not know who holds the rights to the title.  I figure more meetings in this research area can’t hurt the state of the science.  The Beijing Genomics Institute has been sponsoring an annual series, The International Conference on Genomics, now on its 6th year, and, despite the name of “international conference”, it’s always held in or around Beijing.

This year’s meeting, The International Conference on Genomics 6 (ICG-VI) aims to promote research in basic and applied genomics by sponsoring a series of presentations focused on new sequencing techniques and bioinformatic strategies.  There will be sessions centered on new sequencing techniques, transcriptomics, epigenomics, metagenomics, proteomics, bioinformatics and data mining, and social issues relating to new genomic information.  Registration for the meeting can be found here.

PhenoDays 2011 International Symposium

Genomics is directly increasing the amount of information at the hands of agricultural crop breeders, but phenotyping has become the research bottleneck for phenotype to genotype associations.

In an effort to alleviate this bottleneck, a group of researchers has organized the PhenoDays 2011 International Symposium which will be held October 12th to 14th in Wageningen, The Netherlands.  Symposium presentation talks will be given by researchers from both institutional and academic plant breeding groups, as well as industry representatives from the seed production industry.  In addition, there will be plant phenotyping workshops.  See the symposium website for more information and registration.