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Schatz Tree Genetics Colloquium: Genetics, Ecology, and Management of Walnuts & Butternut

The Schatz Tree Genetics Colloquium is a biennial meeting focusing on the genetics of trees.  The purpose of this colloquium series is to advance the knowledge of tree genetics, breeding, and ecology, with each biennial meeting focusing on a specific family, genus, or species of tree (s).

This year’s colloquium meeting is entitled: Genetics, Ecology, and Management of Walnuts and Butternut.  This meeting will be held at the beautiful locale of the Penn State Mont Alto campus, on July 11th and 12th, 2011.  Registration for the meeting is FREE, although there is a $20 cost for the closing banquet.  Advanced registration is required as there is no on-site registration for the meeting.  Deadline for registration is June 24th, 2011.

New Phytologist Bioenergy Trees Symposium Wrap-Up

I’m just returning from the New PhytologistBioenergy Trees” symposium, which just took place from May 17th to 19th at INRA in Nancy, Lorraine, France, and I am pleased to say was a very productive meeting.  Due to technical difficulties, I was not able to contribute to the online updates via Twitter, but if you’d like to follow the meeting developments you can read the Twitter feeds using the hashtag #26NPS or following @NewPhyt.