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Orchid Symbioses Symposium and Workshop, Spring 2013

Those that know me know that I’ve got a thing for orchids.  From my point of view, what’s not to like: they have exceptionally diverse morphology, have complicated natural histories, have equally diverse interactions with pollinating insects, and – most important for me – are obligate mycorrhizal formers with a wide array of fungal symbionts.  I’m quite surprised we don’t have more scientists studying them.

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The journal New Phytologist has already sponsored 30 symposia on plant biology – the 31st symposium has been announced and will be focused on orchids and their interactions with mycorrhizal fungi and insects.  The goal of this meeting will be to bring together scientists studying orchids and advance the study of orchids and their symbiotic fungi and co-evolved insects.  As someone who has attended in the past, I cannot place enough emphasis on how rewarding these New Phytologist symposia have been to me.  There is plenty of time to register and apply for a travel grant.

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This particular symposium will be held in conjunction with the 5th International Orchid Workshop this upcoming spring.  Both meetings will be held back to back at very close locales in Italy.

The 7th International Symbiosis Congress, Poland, July 2012

The International Symbiosis Society hosts a congress every three years at different locations.   It’s been announced that the 7th International Symbiosis Congress will convene in the city of Kraków (Poland) on July 22nd to the 28th, 2012 (Poster).  This international meeting is held every three years and this cycle is being held at Jagiellonian University.

It is expected that several hundred scientists will present new research both in the form of talks and posters.  Registration is now open and is located here.  A confirmed list of speakers will address areas of research such as dinoflagellates, mycorrhizas, lichens, insect symbioses, and nitrogen fixing plant associated bacteria.  Quite fittingly, this Congress is dedicated to the memory of Gopi Podilla.

UPDATE (September 22nd, 2011):